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The FarmMade Cookbook

By Patti Johnson-Long & FarmMade

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A regional journey to unearth classic Americana farm fare.

Ancestral in nature, we all long to “get back to our roots.” Nostalgia is real for present-day farm pilgrims, one or two generations removed from the farm. It’s a longing we all experience while driving in the countryside or chatting it up at our local farmers’ market. A longing that compels us to want to be a farmer . . . or at the very least cook like one!

A time capsule of food, craft, and tradition, The FarmMade Cookbook shares seventy-five multi-generational recipes from farms all over the country. Hailing from New England, the Deep South, the Midwest, Southwest, and Northwest, each authentic farm-made recipe represents its region’s unique farming culture. Recipes are paired with each farm’s unique story of resilience and connection with the land, resulting in a tangible agrarian gift to us all.