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The Redemption

By Nikki Sloane

  • Genre: Romance, Books
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Once, the name Macalister Hale was uttered in the boardroom with respect. Now, it’s whispered in disgrace at cocktail parties hosted by Boston’s elite.
Scandal nearly destroyed me, but the one thing larger than my infamy is my bank account, and I’ve learned money can solve anything.
Well—almost anything.
Sophia Alby’s preferred currency is secrets and the way she trades information puts Wall Street to shame. 
This girl charges into my life and claims a partnership can restore my reputation. My downfall was swift, but with her, my climb to redemption will be greater.
Our arrangement is professional. Appropriate. It has to be, because she’s half my age. But it doesn’t stop me from wanting . . .
To move on. To control and indulge in her. To hear the name Macalister Hale echo in her breathy moans.
But I can’t. Giving in to temptation led to my undoing before, and I won’t survive it a second time.


  • Loved it!

    By j_mac8080
    Macalister and Sophia were awesome! Loved the story and getting to see the good side of Macalister we didn’t see in the other books.
  • Mmm Mcalister

    By lollllarose
    Definitely the best book in the series.
  • Awesome

    By Kaner96
    Incredible! The chemistry between the two main characters was intense. Loved every moment of this book!
  • He’s redeemed!

    By Travelqueen77
    Love the story and happy with how it ended. My only suggestion would be that I could have done without the piecing. It was gross to me and felt that it painted Sophia in a bad light. Other than that, this was well written.
  • Holy crap!

    By jenhr
    I’m in love with this series. The Hale men are scorching hot!!
  • Redemption

    By madam Bling bling
    Like that you brought warmth to macalister character
  • Awesome!

    By priscilla.sanchez
    Great book! Kept me wanting more & more! Loved both characters and how it was done with both perspectives. Can’t wait for the next one!
  • Loved it

    By Notworthit654321
    I didn’t think that I would like macallister after what the first three books, but Nikki you made him swoon worthy. Audiences like happy endings and I would have like to read about their wedding and future child.
  • Good redemption

    By Sweetsballer
    This is my favorite of the series. I get sucked into storylines, but at times previous books made me cringe at his sexual obsession with his soon to be daughter in law. This book was definitely a redemption. I really enjoyed it.
  • Nice addition to series.

    By jloeck4
    This was a nice addition to the series, however it was not nearly as good as the previous books. This story could have been developed sooooo much more and included some views from Royce/Marist and Vance as well. Including some actual redemption chapters with the other members of the family. This series is soooo good and I was expecting more from the dominant character Macalister has always been. I would have gladly paid for a second book about Macalister and Sophia if it would have been a little deeper and included more of the family and their perspectives. And... what a way to maybe introduce something with Vance!! I would also love to delve into Tate. So many great characters.