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Three Guilty Pleasures

By Nikki Sloane

  • Genre: Contemporary, Books, Romance
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I didn’t expect to fall off the stage and land in the powerful arms of this gorgeous man. 
He’s a brutal warrior on the rugby field and a delicate artist with the cello, and the combination is irresistible. His music seduces. It inspires my dancing and demands my surrender.
I gave up on my dream once, and I’ll need his help to resume the chase. 
And when we take the stage together, I’m willing to give him everything. My submission. The dark secret I’ve been keeping. Even my tenuous heart.
But will he want any of it once he knows the truth?


  • Amazing series!

    By Jessicolio
    Honestly one of the best book series I have read! All the books are captivating and the sex scenes are phenomenal! :)
  • To hot

    By Miss fish queen
    I couldn’t put them down , best series ever. I started with book one and 3 days later , I finished them all. So hot and very interesting story lines. This is my new favorite author and I can’t wait to reread the series.
  • Guilty of not loving this book.

    By starstacy
    I have loved & enjoyed all the other Nikki Sloane books I have read (which is 7, including 3 Blindfold Club books). This book had some points that were not appealing to me, but I was invested enough in the story, the main characters & the author’s writing to push through and finish the book. The points I did not like are not mentioned in the blurb, but the main one was that Tara stayed in a submissive relationship with Silas & Regan (her Doms from another Blindfold Club book) while dating Grant & let them tell her how Grant could touch her. These points made me not as emotionally invested as I usually am. As I said, I did like both main characters, Tara and Grant, because they knew who they were & were not apologetic about it. I loved their second meeting (you will understand what I mean if you read the book), a meet-cute that leads to insta-lust (and I don’t mind insta-lust!). And, of course, I enjoyed the happy ending for the couple after the drama was settled. Even though some of this book wasn’t my cup of tea, I will still read Nikki Sloane books.

    By Debjean9598
    Each time I read a new book in the series I think it can’t get any better or hotter, but some how Nikki manages to do so. I knew Tara had a story there, boy what a story. And that Grant!! What a hottie, all of Nikki’s male characters are hot in their own unique way but Grant, don’t know how you can top him!! (Yes pun intended) those two together and their foreplay!!! Talk about HOT!! It’s no wonder they get applauds!!! Both professionally and privately. Now not knowing a thing about dance I could almost imagine those scenes....almost..... their needs to be a video that goes with this book!!! I have to see Tara solo, of her dancing to and around Grant’s cello playing. What I have always loved about this series is the well interconnecting characters are woven into each book.... well duh it a series, yes I know. But Nikki’s ability to do it so well and what appears effortless is what I’ve enjoyed. But this book took it to another level and made a scene that I thought would be very complex become seamless. Especially working with some complex strong characters. Bravo 👏🏼 Nikki you have another winner, congratulations!!!!