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By Nikki Sloane

  • Genre: Erotic Romance, Books, Romance
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Vasilije Markovic is the prince of the Serbian mafia and one of the most powerful men in Chicago. His smile may be razor sharp, but he’s crueler than the devil.

I’m playing a dangerous game and betting my life I’m going to win. I pretend to be his pawn. I do as he says and move where he tells me, letting him think he’s in control as I position myself for revenge. 

Every turn brings us closer. His grin doesn’t seem as evil when we’re alone. Behind closed doors, I welcome his unrelenting and vicious personality. He’s confessed all his secrets, but I’m holding one back and it’s a game changer.

If I survive the board, this pawn turns into a queen. I become the most powerful player and send all the other pieces running. To get what I want, I must make sacrifices, but am I willing to draw the line at him?


  • OMG.....LOVED IT!

    By Trini_Lady
    Just finished reading Torrid and I'm in love with Visilije and Oksana's characters. I literally could not put my iPad down, it was that good. Nikki, you continue to put out some great book and I love you for that. Keep doing what you do best. 😘
  • Very Intriguing

    By lovely music
    I wasn't really sure what to expect. However reading the sample had me intrigued as to where this story could go. It takes you on a wild ride for sure. Almost too much to take but carry on and read more. It's like two people discovering themselves and each other at the same time. It's well worth a read.
  • Torrid wins!

    By starstacy
    This the second book in the series, but you don't need to read the first one although you do see the couple from the first book. Torrid is a dark love story, and I loved it! Not as dark as Sordid (I read and loved that book too) but still dark. I loved the two main characters and how they grew together. How they both thought they didn't have a heart or feelings but found them with each other.
  • Sexy, Dark, and Suspenseful!

    By Ladydi232
    Torrid is the second book in the Sordid Series, but could definitely be read as a standalone. It is sexy, dark, and suspenseful! Vasilije is making his name as nephew and next in line to Serbian mafia crime boss. "He was the devil and tasted like sin. Dark, delicious evil." Oksana, the illegitimate daughter of a Russian mafia king, has an agenda of her own. She is a strong, resilient heroine. Oksana really learns so much about herself and as she grows and changes, she is the catalyst that changes Vasilije. "Looking at him was the same as staring at the sun. He was scorching. Beautiful. Fascinating, but I couldn’t do it for too long or I’d risk permanent damage." I loved this dark and exciting and HOT story! 5Stars!!